• Shreyansh Sharma

    Shreyansh Sharma

  • Piyush Mayank

    Piyush Mayank

  • Kshitij Shah

    Kshitij Shah

    Principal @ 3one4Capital. Creating value at the intersection of product, design and engineering. Opinions are personal.

  • Pallav Singh

    Pallav Singh

  • Eshwar Gowda

    Eshwar Gowda

  • LetsVenture


    Connecting Startups & Investors - Startup Funding made easy!

  • Tracxn


    Research Partner for Venture Capital and Corp Dev. Creators of the World's Largest Startup Database.

  • Yashpal Singhvi

    Yashpal Singhvi

    DSIMS Alumnus | MMS Finance | Economy | Politics | Finance | Sports | Procrastinator | RTs not endorsement

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